About us

The idea

At least since the cult movie 'Hi-Fidelity' it became clear to me how complex and individual, even bizarre the possibilities are to organize one's own music collection.

Personally, I have already decided in the 80s for the alphabetical order - paired with genre sorting - and kept it until today.

Because now in the course of time not only my CD collection, but also the vinyl discs increased steadily, I began - also for lack of offers on the market - with self-made labels from cardboard to create a better overview and a faster access in my - not exactly small - private collection.

Above all, however, I found that these markings helped me to consistently put away the discs I had heard and thus avoid all the 'side shows' between which one then jumps back and forth again during the next search.

The following generation - laser parts made of aluminum - was so well received by friends and acquaintances that I decided in May 2010 to start selling them.

Already the first reactions of my customers have encouraged me to think further in this direction and to consider in the near future also the fractions that arrange exclusively by genre or chronologically or simply want more color.

Anyway, I appreciate the positive feedback and would like to thank you again for all the suggestions that have helped me a lot and are still helping me to make the product better.

Yours sincerely
Oliver Melhaff

Quality from Germany

The arTab stainless steel markers are - from punching/bending, to polishing the edges by hand, to printing with high-quality glass varnish using the tampon-printing process, to strict quality control - manufactured entirely in Germany.

This leads to an exceptionally high quality that you can feel and see in every single part.

The edges are polished by hand in our own factory so that they cannot damage your valuable collection and the markers also feel good.