...about vinyl

The record is dead - long live the record! In recent years, the vinyl record has recaptured a steadily growing market, even among younger music fans. For many, the experience of picking up an album and putting the record on the player's platter is simply irreplaceable. In addition, it is a very durable medium, even if there are different speculations about how long a vinyl record can really be played flawlessly, the specifications are between 10 and over 1000 years. Some of my own records are now already over 40 years old and still completely flawless.

...about CDs

Many music lovers, like me, still like to have hardware as a sound carrier in their possession and even if the sound quality of streaming services and players has caught up, the CD or even the LP is probably still the audiophile measure of things. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves which of the two discs they like better. Last but not least, a stately music collection enhances the living space because it also tells the story and the culture of the collector. Of course, a streaming service can't do that; there, it's already largely the case that the artists are no longer even recognized by name and are increasingly consumed anonymously.

...about books

A book is so much more than just the text printed in it and even at home the book collection is like a small treasure from which you can be inspired again and again with all your senses. In addition to browsing through it, sometimes you also want to quickly reach into the shelf or simply get an overview of which book is where. With the arTab tab, this is already available when you are standing in front of the shelf, so that you can then turn directly to the right section.